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PAAS is Your Guide to Fair Technology Pricing

There is no “Kelley Blue Book®” that tells you what a fair price for Technology is. Instead, there is PAAS.

Hi, I’m Russ Ross. I was CIO at Giant Eagle for more than 20 years. Giant Eagle is a supermarket, convenience store, and pharmacy operator based primarily in Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, and Indiana, with over 500 locations and $10 billion+ in sales. As CIO, I viewed my primary objective as this: to leverage technology to drive innovation and business growth. But I also had to provide the technology in a highly secure, reliable, and cost-effective manner. The cost effective part is tough. How do you measure it?

How do you make sure that you are providing technology at the lowest cost possible?

The prices, costs, and margins for technology—hardware, software, services—vary widely by technology supplier, industry, and even location. So, how do you know that you got the best deal? Each time, I aimed to negotiate the best deal, but I was always concerned—did I really get the best deal? Did I leave money on the table? A “Kelley Blue Book” for fair technology pricing does not exist. There is no “TrueCar®” for technology that tells you what others are paying.

That is why I was excited to join PAAS, the Global Leader in Technology Spend Analytics.

PAAS has experts who have worked for the major suppliers—Microsoft, Oracle, etc.— but also database of more than 5,000 suppliers and more than 100 million data points for how much companies have actually paid for technology.

PAAS is the “TrueCar” for technology—it reveals what others in your industry and location have paid.

PAAS is the “Kelley Blue Book” for technology—it shows you the fair price. PAAS is not “Gartner®“—PAAS has actual spend data, not survey data. Technology procurement analytics is all we do and we are the best in the industry.

I encourage you to take the next step with PAAS and give our platform serious consideration as a tool to assist you in saving the most money on technology today.


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