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Gartner® Missing Essentials to Appear on Technology Procurement Magic Quadrant

The Three Elements Required to Modernize Technology Procurement

Three essential elements are required to modernize technology procurement—data, expertise, and a robust professional network. We put these three powerful elements to work for clients of all sizes across the globe to significantly reduce technology spend.

In this report, we illustrate how data, a diverse, trusted network, and technology procurement expertise modernize, accelerate, and elevate the purchasing process. We also compare and contrast outcomes during the last 24 months resulting from the processes at both PAAS and Gartner®, and illuminate the market’s perspective on the conflict of interest inherent in Gartner’s business model. The combination of the details above illuminate the fact that…

PAAS would lead in a hypothetical Technology Procurement Magic Quadrant, and Gartner would fail to make the cut.
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