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ATP 2022: Presented by PAAS

We held the Accelerating Technology Procurement (ATP) Summit at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from March 29-30th for one main reason: to create a space for participants to enhance their knowledge of indirect technology procurement.

Over the span of two days, executive leaders across the globe came together to share their unique expertise. With the knowledge and expertise shared at the ATP Summit, we feel comfortable in saying that we were able to send participants back to their organizations empowered to reduce their indirect technology spend by 15%-30%.

Here at PAAS, we are proud to have presented a powerful blend of guest speakers from both the sales and procurement side, at several different organizations, to drop their words of wisdom at the ATP Summit. These guest speakers included:

  • Michael Cadieux, CEO of The Procurement Foundry on Top Procurement Trends

  • Darla Morse, CIO of Red Robin, on Facilitating Cost Reduction Initiatives

  • Eric Cunningham, CEO of PAAS, on Goal Alignment to Indirect Technology Spend

  • Bert O’Neal, Head of Procurement at Roark Capital, on Spend Analytics & Benchmark Utilization

  • Mark Stuckey, CTO of Pittsburgh Public Schools on Immediate Savings Transformation in the Pittsburgh Public School District

  • Chris Donato, President of Global Sales at Celonis, on Powering Procurement with Process Mining

  • Michael Garner of Oracle on The Power of Platform

  • Bennett Falck, Head of Product Development at PAAS, on The Power of Relevant Data

We were also very fortunate to have the following suppliers participate: Aryaka, KPMG, Insight, Oracle, Verizon, AT&T, Origina, Celonis, Emerge, Rimini Street, and US Cloud.

We would like to thank all of our sponsors for helping us put the ATP Summit together.

Finally, a special thank you to everyone in attendance this year as well as those that participated online.

For those that were unable to attend this year, we've uploaded some of the content on our Youtube. Click here to view!


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