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  • Natalie Palastro

PAAS Celebrates Three Years

Accelerating Optimal Outcomes. This statement has proudly represented the values of PAAS for the past three years. From the beginning, PAAS has been dedicated to promoting positive, sustainable change in the technology procurement industry. We are proud to celebrate three years of accelerating optimal outcomes for hundreds of clients in all industries across the globe through the utilization of our spend analytics platform.

Three years ago, PAAS was created to fill a gap in technology procurement & spend analytics. Historically, the procurement & management of this category has been associated with inconsistency and uncertainty, leaving organizations & procurement leaders questioning, “Did I really get the best deal?”. We have created & continue to innovate a solution that leverages relevant data, industry expertise, & our executive network to yields tangible hard dollar savings and a solution proven time and time again to deliver the most optimal technology contracts.

In the past 3 years, PAAS has worked with 350+ clients, completed 1800+ benchmarks, and achieved $200M+ in savings. None of this success would be possible without the determination of the team at PAAS. Eric Cunningham, founder & CEO at PAAS leads every member of the team to reach their highest potential day after day. Through the culture & environment Eric has fostered, the PAAS team has been able to overcome obstacles and provide continuous value to every member in our community. Each member of PAAS has displayed the utmost drive and determination to promote positive change in technology procurement and has attributed to the notable success we have created in the past three years.

As we look ahead to the future of PAAS, we will strive to continue delivering excellence with every interaction. Our team, our dataset, & our expertise continue to scale at a rapid pace, creating the most robust indirect technology procurement platforms & services for organizations to utilize. Ultimately, the advancements and innovation at PAAS serve to ensure our clients continue to recognize hard dollar savings in indirect technology that can be recognized as EBITDA for their organization.

On this three-year anniversary, we say thank you to each and every member of our community. We couldn’t have accomplished any of this without you, and we look forward to the growth and value creation to come.


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