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PAAS360 is our centralized AI and ML-based SaaS platform that uses unprecedented spend intelligence to give you actionable technology procurement insights.

PAAS 360

Redefining the Way 
You Manage Technology Procurement

PAAS 360's five modules provide insights into savings initiatives related to all of your technology suppliers. 

The platform is included in PAAS' Guaranteed Savings Subscription to help accelerate optimal outcomes for users in combination with PAAS' executive network & industry leading expertise. 

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PAAS360 Platform


Analyzes various licensing metrics and costs to a depth no other platform can match. This level of contract intelligence assists in more favorable negotiation at renewal time.


Identifies spending trends and savings opportunities across multiple categories of spend. This level of data analysis can only come from proper data preparation and ingestion into well-architected databases.


Estimates indirect spend category and line item savings as well as intelligent improvement opportunities and recommended actions.


Identifies specific projects that will produce substantial savings. These savings are then tracked against business units, departments, budgets, or cost centers.

Project Management

Standardizes and quickens the steps within the procurement lifecycle to deliver time and dollar savings.


Powered by PAAS360

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Keep your indirect technology contracts secure in one centralized platform. The PAAS360 contract module serves as a contract repository & allows you to search by line item detail through all agreements. 


Accurately & efficiently manage all indirect technology purchases to help optimize your tech stack, reduce redundancies, & save money.

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