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Why Your Technology Procurement Team Needs a Player-Coach

On Thursday, July 7, PAAS hosted a webinar titled “Why Your Technology Procurement Team Needs a Player-Coach to Secure the Most Optimal Contracts.” The webinar was moderated by Natalie Palastro, Head of Marketing at PAAS, and featured Eric Cunningham, CEO at PAAS, and Adam Scott, Executive Advisor at PAAS.

Eric & Adam explain how a ‘player-coach’ in technology procurement is someone who works as an extension of your team, but they can also help coach you through securing the most optimal contracts.

While the technology category offers the biggest opportunity for rewards, it is also the hardest category to procure for three main reasons: limited resources, expertise, and relevant data. It is hard to find people that really understand the IT category, have the necessary expertise to maximize savings on technology negotiations, and use relevant data to attain optimal technology pricing and terms. PAAS excels in these areas, which is why we are the global leader in spend analytics.



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