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PAAS Expands into the India Market through Partnership with Luxury Connect of New Dehli​

PITTSBURGH, Sept. 30, 2020 — PAAS, the global leader in technology spend analytics, announced its expansion into the India market by solidifying a partnership with Luxury Connect LLP of New Delhi, India. The partnership is not limited to India but also covers a large portion of EMEA and Southeast Asia.

“After seeing the PAAS360 platform, a great sense of relief prevailed upon me. During the pandemic, most organizations have cut costs by shutting down non-performing assets and or reducing team sizes. They seem to be at a loss for any further cost reduction possibilities. However, savings offered by PAAS in the technology space are unquestionably brilliant and, as yet, untapped. I see a great future in this direction and am happy to partner with PAAS in spreading this across various countries,” said Abhay Gupta, founder and CEO of Luxury Connect LLP.

“We are thrilled to finalize the partnership with Abhay Gupta and the Luxury Connect team,” said Eric Cunningham, founder of PAAS. “Behind North America, India is the second largest technology spending market and this partnership strategically expands the PAAS brand into the India and EU market.”

The PAAS360 platform includes more than 100 million technology data points and 5,100 unique technology suppliers to optimize the best pricing for clients of all sizes, industries, and locations. Luxury Connect and its partner ecosystem will focus on the expansion of the “PAAS Savings Desk” platform.

About Luxury Connect: Luxury Connect LLP is a strategy consulting organization that focuses on servicing the entire value chain ranging from advisory, compliance, and operations. Its key differentiating factor is its focus on talent development via its unique proposition of LCBS, India’s first and only Luxury Business School. Set up in 2012 by veteran Luxury pioneers, Luxury Connect has been the name behind bringing luxury brands like Gianni Versace, Versace Collection, Versace Home, Corneliani, John Smedley, Tween | Damat | ADV, Ferre, Cadini, and others, to India. With a 360-degree approach to luxury in India, they cover products and services throughout its reputable partner community. Always on the forefront of offering cutting-edge, innovative solutions to its clients and partners, Luxury Connect now commences its journey into the retail tech space through its first partnership with PAAS advisors. This division will soon be followed by other innovative technological solutions so very necessary for the fast-changing retail environment.

For more information, visit the Luxury Connect website.

About PAAS:

PAAS evolved from the widespread need for companies to focus on core information technology strategy and leverage outside expertise to complete strategic and tactical procurement activities in support of IT executive leadership.

PAAS is committed to delivering innovative solutions and expertise that connect suppliers and customers to operationalize all of their technology investments at the best commercial terms. Their combined experience in procurement, IT leadership, and IT sales leadership gives PAAS a unique value proposition for negotiating the complexities of IT agreements.


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