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Morse, Former CIO of SeaWorld, Inspire Brands and CKE to join PAAS Leadership Team

PITTSBURGH, Oct. 20, 2020 — PAAS, an innovator in technology spend analytics, hired Darla Morse, a renowned leader in the technology industry, to lead supplier relationships and serve as an Executive Director on the advisory board to PAAS clients.

“Darla’s network and experience with technology suppliers is remarkable, and she comes highly recommended by Oracle, Dell, Cisco, and many other suppliers,” said Eric Cunningham, PAAS Founder and CEO. “Adding Darla’s depth of trusted human capital will immediately elevate supplier relationships for our PAAS clients.”

Morse has an extensive background leading complex projects supporting technology transformation for large corporations like Disney®, SeaWorld®, Inspire Brands, and CKE Restaurants® and devising IT strategies for a large number of companies. At PAAS, she will provide direction for internal strategy and advise customers regarding acceleration of their technology spend reduction.

PAAS360 is the PAAS flagship SaaS platform, which incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) platform and human-based computation (HBC) to accelerate the prediction of optimal pricing for technology products and services. In addition to the prediction of savings, PAAS360 offers the following modules: contract management, spend analysis, spend forecast, and supplier savings.

“After having spent my career helping companies optimize their technology costs and drive continued innovation, I am now eager to leverage my experience to help companies achieve the same type of outcome – and more, using the power of the PAAS360 platform”, said Morse. “Companies need a data analytics service that provides a more comprehensive financial model enabling them to drive value to the bottom line. Frankly, which CIO could say no to a service guaranteeing a minimum ROI of five times their investment?”

About PAAS:

PAAS evolved from the widespread need for companies to focus on core information technology strategy and leverage outside expertise to complete strategic and tactical procurement activities in support of IT executive leadership.

PAAS is committed to delivering innovative solutions and expertise that connect suppliers and customers to operationalize all of their technology investments at the best commercial terms. Their combined experience in procurement, IT leadership, and IT sales leadership gives PAAS a unique value proposition for negotiating the complexities of IT agreements.


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