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How PAAS saved clients $51.8 Million on Oracle Contracts in May 2021

When it comes to savings outcomes, “quick wins” are important to everyone.

This one-minute read details the playbook for how PAAS just saved clients more than $51.5M (hard dollars) in May 2021 on Oracle agreements. To clarify this achievement, PAAS defines savings as a reduction of existing support and/or per unit cost.

In other words: real, quantifiable savings.

Clients work with spend analytics firms to secure optimal outcomes. Optimal outcomes include all of the following: the best pricing with the best terms and conditions, negotiated within an accelerated timeframe.

Most spend analytics companies charge a contingency fee for their data and coaching, and then expect YOUR team to execute the agreements. However, backseat coaching leads to wasted engagement because it is extremely time-consuming and proper negotiation expertise is not put to work at game time, when it counts the most.

In contrast, the PAAS team is on the field, NOT the sidelines, because you do not get a second chance to negotiate technology contracts. Together, we get them right the first time, proving we are “better together” — and the results are not up for debate. PAAS is delivering impactful outcomes across the globe, in all industries, including many fortune 500 companies, bringing hundreds of clients quick wins on the playing field.

What Sets PAAS Apart

PAAS offers a no-risk guarantee and delivers the best technology agreement negotiations outcomes for three key reasons.

Data Platforms

PAAS data is relevant and is NOT survey data—survey data is subjective and rarely accurate. Our platform contains intel on 5000+ suppliers and 150M+ data points to quickly compare and secure the best contracts. We compare our clients’ data to the data in PAAS Forensics and deliver benchmarks within 48 hours. Our data and benchmarks provide insights into pricing and business and legal terms that illuminate the path to the best contract outcomes for our clients.


The PAAS team includes sales executives from Oracle, Microsoft, Salesforce, IBM, and others, as well as procurement and technology leaders. We understand how to obtain approvals from suppliers and how to create a win for all parties. We strategize with our clients to create the best outcomes and work together to achieve those goals.


PAAS has established trusted relationships with executives at hundreds of suppliers. Why are these connections important? We have negotiated hundreds of deals with each supplier and they understand that we know the answers to the test. Our alignment helps deliver positive outcomes for their resources, forecast accuracy, and customer success, all extremely important areas of focus for executives.

In addition to these three differentiating characteristics, we offer a guarantee.

Simply stated, for every $1 you pay in a subscription to PAAS, PAAS guarantees a minimum of $5 in savings.

The technology category is the fastest-growing expense on the balance sheet and the most difficult to procure. Therefore, it also offers the largest opportunity to achieve savings, if properly executed.

We welcome these significant opportunities to help you achieve the best pricing and terms on your next renewal, renegotiation, or new project.

In a partnership with PAAS, you can expect quick wins and continuous value with 15-30% savings.

Schedule a 15-minute discussion to learn more about how we work and to ask a PAAS expert questions that help determine if a partnership would be optimal for your organization.


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