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Everything You Need to Optimize Technology Spend

Technology is one of the largest and fastest growing indirect spend categories. In fact, technology spend is estimated to increase 6.2% this year, reaching just under $4T total, which is why it’s critical that you uncover all opportunities for cost savings on your new technology contracts and treat all renewals as renegotiations. But, how can you ensure you’re receiving the best deal?

Benchmark data can only help if it’s the right kind of data. Some procurement professionals assume that they’re already receiving the best pricing, while others presume that any level of discount compared with the previous year must be a win. However, without actual data to compare with your proposal, you’ll likely leave a significant amount of savings on the table during your negotiation. Additionally, benchmark data can only help if it’s the right kind of data, and even with the right data, you must know what to ask for, how to ask for it, and with whom you should connect to ask for it. To fully understand the road to ultimate technology savings, join our upcoming webinar. You’ll learn everything you need to know to negotiate optimal contracts and pricing on your next technology agreement.


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