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  • What makes PAAS different from other companies that claim they can reduce my technology spend?
    Our platform, PAAS Forensics, contains 400M+ datapoints from 11,000+ suppliers. As a result, your data will be benchmarked against the most comprehensive data warehouse in the industry. Our platform integrates a robust variety of categories, including hardware, software, services, telco, and even office supplies. In addition to insights generated by the PAAS360 platform, our team can provide coaching and even executive-level negotiation with technology suppliers on your behalf. Finally, we guarantee a minimum of 5x ROI on the amount you spend with us. Every dollar you spend with PAAS will contractually yield at least five dollars in direct savings.
  • How do you define actual dollar savings?
    This is the amount that we will directly save on your spending. Example: Your total contract value is $100,000 (this is your project baseline). PAAS completes a benchmark finding you could be saving an additional $50,000 on this deal. $50,000 then becomes our shared savings goal, and we measure the final actual savings realized against this agreed-upon baseline (i.e. if the final contract ends up being $40,000, the total savings off the baseline would be $60,000).
  • How do you ensure the confidentiality of my data?
    you ensure the confidentiality of my data? Your data is used solely for benchmarking purposes. All data from our customers is made anonymous within our data co-op, PAAS Forensics.
  • I already use Gartner® or Forrester® to evaluate my data and contracts. How is PAAS360 different?
    Gartner and Forrester base their methodology on survey data, while the methodology of PAAS360 is based on the analysis of your actual data against actual signed contract data.
  • How does the 5x ROI guarantee work?
    When you spend $1 with PAAS, we contractually guarantee we will help you realize at least $5 in savings in technology procurement. If the minimum ROI does not occur, we pay you the difference. Example: With a PAAS Subscription of $1,999/month ($23,988 annually), we guarantee at least $119,940 ($23,988 x 5) in direct savings.
  • What spend data will you need?
    The more data you share with us, the more potential savings we can identify. Some clients begin with technology spend data from one supplier, while other clients share their entire technology spend data set, which can include data from hundreds, or even thousands, of suppliers. After our clients begin realizing the savings and subsequent impact on their bottom lines, they typically see the advantage in sharing their entire supplier data set.
  • I’m working on a large renegotiation now, is that something you can assist with immediately?
    Yes. Even if the renewal deadline is approaching, we will be able to provide insights about potential savings and assist with negotiation to help you secure your best renewal rate. DO NOT renew before consulting with PAAS!
  • How does PAAS obtain its benchmarked data?
    YOUR data is benchmarked, not ours. Your data is compared against millions of data points within our data warehouse, allowing us to identify potential savings and optimization.
  • What is the time commitment from our company?
    At PAAS we serve as a direct extension of your procurement team. We assign you a dedicated Procurement Success Manager (PSM) so that your time is optimized. They will assist in your indirect technology procurement tasks and ensure that your agreements contain optimal pricing, terms, & conditions. As an extension of your procurement team, PAAS serves to relive your resources and help you reallocate time to optimizing your business processes and improving efficiencies.


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