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PAAS utilizes our proprietary data co-op, PAAS Forensics, to conduct accurate and thorough Benchmark Theses using 400M+ data points on products and suppliers.

PAAS Forensics contains real, accurate, and comprehensive contract data that enables our procurement analysts to perform three kinds of Benchmark Thesis depending on the needs of your organization. 

Our data is refreshed every 12 months to ensure relevancy.

PAAS Forensics


11,000+ Suppliers 

utilized to benchmark across the entire IT category for most suppliers in the market and create customized negotiation strategies per supplier

400M+ Data Points

leveraged to benchmark

contract pricing and terms down to the SKU level

OEM & VAR Data

extensive data points capturing both manufacturer and reseller agreements

Product SKU Lists

data on how each SKU fits into total product offering to identify related products and best configuration practices

Vast Supplier Database

Our platform contains extensive intelligence from thousands of suppliers.

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